From Paws To Claws
Established in 2007, Animal Magic specialises in parrots and bird boarding but also has smaller birds, guinea pigs and rabbits.
All passion. All pets.
Owned by Claire Parker, Animal Magic in Cliftonville has everything you could possibly need for your pets and more.
Food. Treats. Toys.
We have huts, cages, enclosures, rabbit nurseries and even pet food and accessories. We even accept weekly installments.

About Us

Animal Magic first opened its doors in 2007 and has never looked back. The family business which is run and owned by Claire Parker specialises in parrots and parrot sitting (bird boarding). There is also a wide selection of guinea pigs, rabbits, pet food, enclosures, cages and huts.

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Birds of a feather

We’re an all-round pet shop but we specialise not only in selling parrots. Some of our most popular birds include African Greys (Congo Africans), Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazon Parrots, Hand reared baby parrots, plus much more!

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A pet’s favourite shop

It’s not just about parrots and other birds. We also have feed for many different kinds of pets as well as a whole range of pet accessories, leads, harnesses, toys, and enclosures such as huts, cages and rabbit nurseries.

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Bird sitting

We offer pet sitting for birds for those looking to leave their parrots somewhere safe while they go away. We have the relevant experience and expertise to look after birds so rest assured, your pet will be in safe hands.

What we have in the shop

You can find us at 121 Northdown Road in Cliftonville (CT9 2QY). We have everything you can possibly need for your pets from food to toys to enclosures. But the only animals we sell are birds – particularly parrots – guinea pigs and rabbits.

Meet Claire

My job is also my passion

Animal Magic more than just a business to me; it’s also a passion. I love animals and since establishing this business back in 2007, I have made it my ambition to provide the very best in service and care for pet owners and, of course, pets. Everything we have in the shop is of the highest quality because Animal Magic has an obligation to provide only the very best for pets. Apart from specialising in parrots, I also have extensive knowledge and experience of other pet-related matters. Feel free to drop by.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any queries or questions? No problem, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be glad to help out anyway we can.

Can I make a purchase over the phone or online?

Although we do not host an e-commerce page on our website, we are able to accomodate online deliveries for certain things. Simply click here or telephone 01843 232904.

Do you offer dog and cat flea treatment?

We stock an array of flea treatments here at Animal Magic for many different kinds of pets. Regular flea treatment is important to keep your pet safe and we stock only recognised brands.

What do your bird boarding (bird sitting) services include?

Our boarding for birds includes feeding, cage cleaning and hand feeding if required. We’re experienced bird sitters but we can also accept some bespoke requests.

What’s better for my dog or cat, dry food, wet food or both?

In most cases, this is almost always down to preference. Wet food can be a better source of hydration while dry food is ideal for dental health. A mixture can be great, however either wet or dry food are both healthy options.